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:-* [17 Jul 2002|01:57pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

hey hey hey hey, now! The community is kind of dead these days! I'd like to rewelcome kornkid4ever and tell *her* that.. She joined the best god damn Wes Commun there is. >:O! and don't you forget that! (sorry bout that :) hehe..)

I hope some of you have dropped by and noticed the *NEW* layout. If you have any suggestions.. just.. post some or whatever!

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[06 Jul 2002|11:38am]

[ mood | hyper ]

Hello peeps :) I'm a newbie...::obvious enough:: Looking foward to hearing news aboot the wonderful Wes and gossip on Eat The Day..feel free to IM me and such...::bounces out with Mountain Dew in hand::

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lol this is funny [16 Jun 2002|04:53pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Korn guitarist James 'Munky' Shaffer has apologised for inflicting Limp Bizkit on the world -but he's by no means sorry!

"Yeah, sorry about that," he told Metal "I mean, Fred Durst knocked on our bus door in Jacksonville like, 'Hey man, listen to my tape,' so it's our fault. I'm not ashamed of that, it's just sometimes when you bring a band to the public you can't control what people are going to do, and it's silly to think you can when you want them to do one thing and they do another. You just feel frustrated.

He also went on to speak about Wes Borland's departure from the rap / rock supergroup.

"Personally I'm going to miss Wes Borland. He was a great member of that band and a very strong member. I hope he'll do well with his new thing [Eat The Day] and I think he will 'cause he's a creative monster. Honestly I think he made the right move. I think he got out at the right time."

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lucy [13 Jun 2002|01:37pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

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New kid on the block. [09 Jun 2002|06:05pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

hello! I finally joined this thang. Doesn't look like anyone has posted in a while..

hmm well see ya

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hah look at this shit [01 Jun 2002|03:14pm]

Wes Borland
Photo: MTV News
 As Limp Bizkit continue to write songs for their next record, the strange yet civil beef between frontman Fred Durst and former guitarist Wes Borland continues to boil.

And it's getting greasier than a gallon of hot dog-flavored water.

Last week Durst posted a message on the band's Web site, including Borland's e-mail address and urging fans to ask the guitarist to return to the fold (see "Fred Durst Taking Guitar Matters Into His Own Hands?").

In response Borland issued a statement on the site of his new project, Eat the Day, saying that when he heard his ex-bandmate had revealed his e-mail address he "immediately wanted to shut the account down." But since he was curious about what the messages would say, he decided to leave it up. Of the hundreds he perused, most supported his decision not to rejoin Limp Bizkit.

"Seventy-five percent or more of all the e-mails pleaded for me not to return," he marveled. "Thank you all for the support. You again have let me know that you agree with my decision."

Unwilling to let the matter rest, Durst posted another message on the Bizkit site, and judging by his comments it seems he's still determined to rope Borland back in. Durst wrote that even though "[Borland has] received your e-mails and has responded negatively, that's no reason to give up."

He implied that his determination stems from his dedication to Borland and to the "all for one, one for all" spirit of the band.

"We're not fair-weather friends," he wrote. "We love Wes and have done so through our good and bad times. All that we have now is from what we have done with our family, Limp Bizkit. We're very happy to be alive and would be happier sharing our lives with our family — our core family."

Durst concluded the post by reiterating his interest in a full band reconciliation.

"As for Mr. Borland, he is very bitter at the moment and feels glad that you support his decision, and so he should," Durst wrote. "We support him too, but we know why we're all here and we want to extend open arms that will remain open forever."

For more on the Durst/Borland back-and-forth, check out the feature "Durst & Borland: He Said/He Said."

Fred is such a fucker..and he always will be..stupid shit
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waah [28 May 2002|05:07pm]

[ mood | sick ]

so have you all heard how fred gave out wes's personal email address on and told everyone to email him and tell him to come back to "his family"? well he did.

wes replied to this on and said that 75% of the emails were telling him not to go back to limp bizkit, and that he is very pleased about that.

i don't know. i think that was stupid of fred in a way, but it would be cool if wes just went back.. despite the fact of how excited i am for etd, i miss lb alot.
i just think it's kind of funny how fred was all confident that they would be successful and find a new guitarist that will "blow wes out the water", and now he's on his hands and knees calling for him to come back.

any thoughts?
come on jon, you must have a bunch!

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hmmm [07 May 2002|06:43pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Limp Bizkit have finalized a new guitarist to replace Wes Borland. An official announcement is expected to be made soon. Recent rumors suggest that former Snot guitarist Mike Smith is the replacement.

yeah.. he'll really "blow wes out of the water".

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hmm [01 May 2002|05:42pm]

[ mood | calm ]

so does anybody have any wes stories?

you can read about one of mine here!

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[27 Apr 2002|10:23am]

i love that guy wit da "black eyezzzz"
well i'm out peace yo
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:\ [27 Apr 2002|12:12am]

[ mood | pissed ]

i love this community. very active.

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wes is pissed! [19 Apr 2002|07:10am]

[ mood | scared ]

we is so pissed!

this was taken from the news on

The Backfiring Has Begun [04/18/2002]

I have a few things that I need to say about this website and the message board. First off, there is no music for you to hear and there won't be for a while. We put this site up to communicate with you in this interum period. It seems like this was a good idea and a bad idea. A good idea in that we get to talk to you all every once in a while, and a bad idea because there is no way that we will ever be able to answer the amount of questions that you ask and it is making some of you angry at us. You should not expect us to answer every single little thing that you ask. It's not going to happen. We have had a good time with this so far, but we are starting to get irritated by how unreasonable many of you are acting. We do not owe you answers by any means. We are not a fast food chain where the customer is in charge. Many popular bands these days subscribe to the "fan is always right" belief and they act like they are a company supplying a product to consumers. We do not subscribe to this nonsense. We decide what we are going to do. A theatrical group doesn't ask the audience in the middle of a play what they think should happen next. I am thrilled that you all have taken interest in what we are going to be doing, but I can't help but think that putting the site up this early might have been a bad idea. Nevertheless, we did it and we are not going to take it down. So here's the deal: We will answer what we can and we will continue to come in and chat with you all, but don't expect us to come in and punch the clock. Try and ask one good question and wait for a response. If I come across a post with a list of things to be answered I usually skip it. And if you come into the message forum saying something we don't like, you're going to get banned. Period. I wouldn't let someone come into my house and say crappy things to me, so I surely am not going to do that here either. Some of you might take this as us being nasty, but a few people can ruin it for everyone, and we want to nip it in the bud before we get sick of dealing with it and want to shut everything off. Again I apologise to the people who have been ladies and gentlelmen since the first night the message board went up. Thank You all for your time. -Wes

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w00t w00t [14 Apr 2002|05:49pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

hey everyone..I'm new here..I saw the promotion in *Deftonesfans*..and I love wes, so here I am. I can't wait to hear stuff from ETD, that's gonna rock.
Ok..I'm done :]

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[14 Apr 2002|03:22pm]

Hi. I'm new 'n' stuff.

Go here if you don't already.


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hey [14 Apr 2002|01:39am]

[ mood | bored ]

hey there, how does everyone like the wes borland community? jessika did a great job making it mighty sexy, and i hope people start joining, we got alot for one night so far.

everyone go head and chat about anything wes related, it's all good.

what is everyone's favorite wes band?

i personally can't say, bigdumbface and limp bizkit are both so different (and no one has heard eat the day, goatslayer, or krank really), i can't decide. what about everyone else?

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hell--o [13 Apr 2002|10:55pm]

wes kicks ass

do you know where i can get stills from the "counterfeit" video?
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brand new. [13 Apr 2002|08:01pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

hi, i'll start off with saying hello, i am jessika.

so, here we go. the first (and only) community dedicated to wes borland himself.

jon (rx81mx) and i decided to make this. so enjoy, and have fun.

you can check out our other communities as well:
factory 81 fans f81
taproot fans feartosee

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