Scampi Knick Knacks (burgalveist) wrote in tongueofcolicab,
Scampi Knick Knacks


Has this community died a death or what????

Tiz like no one cares anymore!

So things didnt work out for ways on his Eat the Day project he was unable to find the right person to sing for him after selecting some one from tryouts, apperently the guy was a great singer but just didnt ahve the right someething to front Eath the Day and previously dismissing himself and his bother from taking up singing duties. Wes of course 1st choice for singing wouldd be Maynard from Tool but hes a busy dude and not many people as awesome on vocal of Maynard just kicking about.

Then on his very fruitful scoring partnership with Danny Lohmer called Damning Well he tried to form a hybrid project as his own band with Richard Pitrack singing called Damning the day, eating the well but richard patrick is not an easy man to work with as Wes found out and that also fell apart. But i think the strong friendship with danny might see some more intresting collabarations in the future

then things end up where Wes started on the voyage of his new bands, back in limpbizkit.

Im sure more than a few of you see this as a negative step but i for one are very excited but the input wes is having. A very Wes descion i believe to get Ross Robinson and if u go to the current limpbizkit website u'll hear very dark instrumental music and i think it sounds awesome!

Keep more...lets revive this community!
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