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It's been pretty dead in here, so I thought I'd post this, even though the news is a few days old. I got it from

Wes Borland needs a mouthpiece before Eat the Day can realize their intentions.

Borland announced via ETD's site ( on Wednesday that the band is accepting applications from prospective singers who think they have what it takes to front the former Limp Bizkit guitarist's new band.

After listening to approximately 100 demos and meeting with five prospects in recent months, Borland and his bandmates felt that no one had the chops to match the quality of the music they had created.

While Limp Bizkit employed a similar national public search to replace Borland, who left the band a year ago (see "Wes Borland: Why He Left Limp Bizkit"), Eat the Day's method doesn't involve a cross-country jaunt. The band asks that hopeful applicants submit demos by emailing files to or sending CDs and tapes to:

Eat the Day
P.O. Box #103
1954 Hillhurst Ave.
Los Feliz, CA 90027

Borland's post said that they're looking for someone dynamic who can sing, not just scream — however, the ability to do so, "bloody murder" style, is encouraged. What they're not looking for is a "nü-metallish type of vibe" or rap, and advise anyone believing to be a master MC not to bother.

"[Rap demos] will immediately be thrown into the garbage," Borland warns, "except for the jewel case, which we will keep."

Although Eat the Day are based in Los Angeles, locals aren't the only ones encouraged to apply. If they think you may have what it takes, they'll make arrangements for you to come to them.

In other Borland news, the guitarist will auction off two of his amp heads on eBay in the next couple of weeks. A pair of Mesa Boogie dual rectifiers that he used as his Limp Bizkit touring rig will soon be posted under the heading "Wes Borland owned Dual Rectifier," he said in a post.

"I think it's kind of cheesy to sell it under my own name," he noted, "but that's really the only way to explain the amount of wear and tear, not to mention all the pyro dust inside them."

[This story was updated at 1:37 P.M. EST on 10.11.02.]

—Joe D'Angelo
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